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Good Commercial Adjusters are a rare breed as the skills required to handle the complex array of issues, which can arise in the aftermath of a disaster at a business premises, are only acquired over many years of experience.

AED Adjusting have selected Adjusters who thrive on the challenges faced. Adjusters who have the acumen, tenacity and wherewithal to not only thoroughly investigate Policy Liability, including Warranty compliance and causation, but to ensure that vital evidence is obtained and Forensics appointed at the outset to protect Insurers position. Our established links with such industry experts ensures that there is priority in the event of a loss requiring their involvement; speed is often of the essence.

Where potential fraud is identified, the Adjuster works in tandem with our Special Investigation Division to gather the necessary evidence and in the event of a substantial Buildings loss, our Chartered Surveyors are at hand. Other complementary disciplines have also been sourced, including Forensic Accountants and our team approach ensures the necessary blend of expertise is available under the auspices of the handling Adjuster.

Our Commercial Adjusting team take pride in helping restore businesses quickly and as economically as possible, acknowledging that prompt actions, and on occasions creative solutions, can prevent the loss becoming even more of a disaster.

Commercial claims are not for the faint hearted, nor for the inexperienced, and at AED Adjusting our team are renowned, established and will do a thoroughly good job, every time.

There really is no substitute for Experience