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Staffed by experienced Liability personnel from various backgrounds AED Adjusting handles the whole range of Employer, Public and Product Liability, including Equine www.equinefirst.co.uk.

For Employer's Liability claims, our approach is underpinned by a thorough knowledge of work related, Health & Safety Regulations.

Early and thorough site investigations evaluates and assimilate evidence, including witness statements, which help mitigate and resolve Third Party injury and property claims within the earliest timeframe. We are pro-active and aim to drive the claim, always mindful too of relevant protocols.

We determine legal liability promptly, quote relevant case law and precedents and have established links with Solicitors/Barristers. We ensure the Team have access to the latest legal developments.

The Team have the breadth and depth of thought to identify other issues of potential significance such as risk management and any fraud indicators.

Our Recovery Division is tenacious in pursuit of potential recoveries enabling their swift resolution and early reimbursement of expenditure, but are also alive to avoiding futile costs being incurred and will liaise throughout.

Tailored Liability Solutions